The Sacred Day Count of the Maya.

We were made from corn.

The calendar is made up of 260 days using 13 numbers and 20 nawales or "day signs".

13 because there are 13 major joints in the body.

Ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and the neck is the 13th.

20, because there are 20 fingers and toes.

13 x 20 = 260.

260 days is 9 moons and is the gestation period of a human child.

The day signs are more significant than the numbers.

The meanings of the 13 numbers are listed here in their simplest form.

1 - The first energy. Initializing and the first gear. Complete.

2 - Recognition of choices. Duality.

3 - Vibration and communication.

4 - Stability.

5 - Empowerment.

6 - Flow. Movement.

7 - Middle of 13. Crest of wave.

8 - Highest Male Authority. Infinity.

9 - Highest Female Authority. 9 levels of creation.

10 - Manifestation.

11 - Transmutation of knowledge.

12 - Awareness of complete picture.

13 - Ascension. Rules all other numbers.

The 20 Sacred Day Signs. Descriptions as they apply to people born on the day and the energy of the day.

1st day is B'atz'. Monkey.

The Thread. First day men and women are born. Life begins. Day of Conception.
To intialize with one thread. Family from Creator over Earth.
There are different faces between 1-13 years of age and 13-adulthood or old age.
B'atz' are humble, good listeners, and correctors.
Good observers. Arts and Business connections. Relationships.
Conception is B'atz' and there is a reincarnation connection from birth.

Ceremony: Heart of the Heavens and Heart of the Earth. Ask for life , love, and family.
Ask for money. Ask to bring Balance to family. Man, Woman and Children.

8/Monkey is the start of the Mayan 260 day New Year.

Body parts: veins, arteries, capillaries, nervous system, arthritis.

Energy from: Cresent moon, full moon, (nature and the moon bring balance). The men are especially good
spiritual guides and can develop in all forms of spirituality. Female B'atz' are good mid-wives.
Energy from Love, happiness and family. Doctors or medicine people.

Negative: Correctors, knows too much, nervous, excess.
Although they are mostly correct, this can be annoying.

2nd day is E'. Path.

Gaurdian of the Road to destiny. Life Path. Roadrunner. Messengers.
When the hawk flys low across your path, danger ahead, Wait 20 minutes, then proceed with caution.
Good day for finding the path.
Good business people, material wealth. Spiritual people that share the spirituality.
Good day for deep meditation.

Ceremony: Finding the path. Ask for protection while traveling. Ask to not to have nervous trouble.

Body parts: Soles of feet, teeth, nervous system. Roadrunners heal stress.

Energy from: Mountains, rivers, recharge in cold places.

Negative: Strong, nervous, shyness.

3rd day is Aj. Reed.

The Reeds that grow in water. Staff of Power. Reed people are Governors or diplomats.
They can bring communities to nations. The Mayan prophecy involving the certain cane or reed
that does not flower; "When the plant blossoms with a flower, earth changes are near".
They have a personal commitment to creator. They see clearly.
Some have jobs as teachers, clairvoyants, or teaching mid-wives.
They may have clairvoyance or telepathy.They may also have sacred knowledge of sex and birth control.
Reed energy is organizational energy right from creator.

Ceremony: We need agriculture. Ask for no pests on the food plants. Find balance and ask that life is not so hard.
Plants, roots and mineral water in ceremony on this day will heal.

Body parts: Spine

Energy from: Beach, warm forest. Reed cures communal problems.

Negative: unorganized, disorderly, have failures.

4th day is Ix. Jaguar.

Mother of Earth. Day of Woman.
Food, agriculturer.
They work with water and plants and see the problems of people. They may see in the darkness.
Jaguar energy is the feminine aspect of the universal understanding of nature in her complexity.
Jaguars were the first mid-wives.

Ceremony: Ask for the life of the Woman and the life of the Earth. Ask for well being of the animals.

Body parts: Muscles and nerves.

Energy from: Ceremonial centers, forest, and pyramids. Sees problems of people and solves them.
They have energy to solve problems.

Negative: short temper, lose path, sensitive, clash with certain people.

5th day is Tz'ikin. Eagle.

Transports messages to Creator.
Day of spiritual and material wealth. Eagle people have good vision. They are Kind.
This day brings good business people and good healers. Also they may be good poets, painters, or sculptors.
Eagles are joyful and promote good communication.
Invisible forces help them.

Ceremony: Ask for wisdom to promote spiritual and material wealth. To keep money. Ask for the
business to do well while maintaining the balance of spiritual and material.

Body parts: Eyes

Energy from: Mountains, oceans, and places with lots of birds. Eagle can collect fog in a bucket or
catch the very first drops of rain to make eye drops for healing the eyes.

Negative: passionate, abundance of lust leading to adultery

6th day is Ajmak. Condor.

Day to get in peace with Creator. To recognize our mistakes and offer apologies.
We must ask for forgiveness and forgive others to move forward with peace.
It is good to be in the company of Condor people when doing ceremony with ancestors.
The strong silent type. Friendly but quiet and reserved.

Ceremony: Ask to be in peace with the ancestors, parents and grandparents. Give thanks for life.
To be at peace with Creator. Offer apologies and ask for forgiveness.

Body parts: Genitals.

Energy from: Caves, creeks, and beach. On this day, sexual restraint brings extra energy for the spirit.

Negative: bad habits, accepts lovers too easily

7th day is No'j. Woodpecker.

Center of the brain. Also a flower. Intelligence, Wisdom. Clear-mindedness.
Creator has given Wisdom people certain wisdom to help others. Cure with wisdom from creator.
They may clairvoyantly sense other peoples problems. They have energy in the hands.
Spiritual doctors.Some are well developed doctors by birth.
They may be able to read the clouds and the body.

Ceremony: Day to bless the plants. Use the ancestral medicine to make herbal medicine in capsules, pills
or salves. Aromatherapy.

Body parts: Brain, pineal gland, headaches.

Energy from: Tropical forest, cold forest, low clouds. Energy to heal woman problems.
No'j people can cure incureable or serious illnesses.

Negative: too much knowledge that may not transmute to wisdom. knowledge used in wrong way.

8th day is Tijax. The Flint.

The color of black. Obsidian, or small owl. Health and Illness polarity.
Two clouds crash and produce energy through lightening.
Doctors and medicine people. Special day for curing spiritual or material illnesses.
Flint people must help others or they may develop illness in themselves. Must Share and Help Others !
This is a day to pay attention to dreams. Flint is the protector of the balance between positive and negative.
See future, heal humanity, sends away negative problems.
Solves problems in others and can send away negative energies
This day may bring dreams that announce death. Pediatricians or Obstetricians. Heal in different ways.
Can even heal over the phone. Can sense friend or foe immediately. Strength and good workers.

Ceremony: Ask to overcome obstacles or failures. To maintain balance between forces.

Body parts: Teeth, nails, tongue.

Energy from: Take advantage of energy from water falls, caves or big storms. Recharge in rain with Lightening.

Negative: touchy, clashes with certain people, sensitive.

9th day is Kawoq. Turtle.

Gift of Voice.
The sacred positive expression of words, prayers, and mantra. Persuasion in water, voice and verb.
In nature, Kawoq survives rains and floods.
Related to B'atz'. They are artistic and like music and paint.
This is a cleaning day. Good day for smudging the home or purifying the environment with cedar. Purification.

Ceremony: Give thanks for healing gifts and gain additional energy for whatever mission.
Purify the home to remove negativity and bring harmony with balance.
Ask for harmony, joy and happiness for families.

Body parts: heart, nervous system

Energy from: Pine trees and Coniferous trees. Kawoq people can take water from creeks and streams and ask
Creator to make it medicinal. They are a calming influence that removes negativity or fear.

Negative: disorderly, fear of gossip or being subjected to it, talk too much

10th day is Ajpu. The Sun.

Protectors of Life. Lords of Time or Lords of the Sun.
East is where the Sun is born. A new being is conceived. Ajpu rejects all negative energies.
Strong workers, spiritual healers and intelligent artists. Defender of people.
Ajpu has 2 guardians. Human energy from the rays of sunlight.

Ceremony: Give thanks for the light and the energy of the sun. Ask for the good balance of justice.

Body parts: Chest, lungs and eyes.

Energy from: Recharge from sun at sunrise and sunset 9-10 am, beach, and forest.
People from this day can be effective on unusual illnesses.
Full moon in this sign is good medicine for possesion or bad negative energies.

Negative: overly judgemental, excess energy can lead to military leanings, strong temperament

11th day is Imox. Water.

Essence of Life. Sometimes symbolized by the Alligator. Problems in families when the mind has lost control.
Wealth and well being of Water will enrich economy. Keep water clean.
Great spiritual guides. Specialty to remove all kinds of problems.
Sacred breast milk.

Ceremony: In the spring Give thanks for the water, grains and the essence of Life. Pray for rain for grains.
Ask for the health of the water and the children. Ask for the balance of Life and emotions. October and
November, again, give thanks for the rain.

Body parts: Blood, glands and genitals.

Energy from: Lakes, rivers, streams and fog. Get water from a fresh spring in the morning and add herbs
to help make medicine. Potential hypnotists.

8/Imox is a sacred day. Great spiritual guides born here.
Also it is a good well finding day. They can recognize a shadow and find the water.
Special day for ceremony for water supply.

Negative: indecisive, homebodies, anger easily when emotionally unbalanced, if not healing,
can fall into alcoholism.

12th day is Iq'. The Air.

Hawk or Hummingbird.
Creator above. Essential cosmic energy. Ask for protection from windy storms.
Wind people have a connection with the ancestors.
Breath of Life. Like Water, Wind is an original primal force of great energy. We need air.
Spirtual guides born on Air have a mission to give life and work with people removing negative energies.
Essence of Life. Channel sex for growth.

Ceremony: To remove or prevent negative energies from home or family. Ask to not have illnesses in plants ,
animals, or people. Ceremony for ancestors. Ask for protection from windy storms and contagious illnesses.
Remove negativity. Iq' is a good day for fertility ceremony.

Body parts: Respiratory system, throat.

Energy from: mountains, hills, cure ills anywhere high up or where there is snow.

Negative: disorderly, angry or short tempered, opinionated

13th day is Aq'ab'al. House.

Recognition of 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night.
Energy coming to the house. Birth of a new being or way of being.
Love, Happiness. Good spiritual guides. Aq'ab'al can do ceremony to fix marriage and add harmony to the home.
They are youthful, and have ability to heal high blood pressure, heart disease, as well as facilitate easy childbirth.
Aq'ab'al is strong against negative energies. Good marriage counselors.

Ceremony: Guarding to keep away negative energies. Ask for and welcome the essence of the
Supreme being in the home.

Body parts: Stomach, Heart. Stomach good when heart is good.

Energy from: Advantage by going to caverns or caves early am or dusk. Also gain energy from valleys
where sunrise can be seen.

Negative: grab too much, over-ambitiousness can lead to stealing.

14th day is K'at. Lizard.

Also symbolized by Fire or Salamander. This is Energy produced by the sacred fire.
K'at has energy to give to others. Heat from the sun. K'at has the ability to deal with occult or unseen
problems such as possession. People born on K'at can excercise demons.
They can solve very delicate problems as they have crystal minds. They can see clearly, offer willingly,
and with sincerity. They are good spiritual guides who have energy in the blood to give others.
They also are specialists with broken bones.

8/K'at is a special day that is good for bringing or praying for good students or disciples.

Ceremony: Ceremony to bless plants used in medicine for kidney ailments.

Body parts: Ribs, Kidneys

Energy from: Ocean, thick forest, places with lots of animals.

Negative: can be too strong because of hot blood, can correct problems, but may be short tempered

15th day is Kan. Serpent.

Spiritual Law of Creator. 2 energies in Human Life. Feathered Serpent.
We must ask Creator to receive anything. Kan has many important qualities, they can give success in anything.
Just as rain falls and evaporates, the sun rays come down and go back reflectively.
Kan has ability to have wealth both spiritually and materially. They are good spiritual guides, healers,
judges, lawyers, and governors. Always happy, dynamic, creative with material wealth, wise and strong.
They have a special connection to ask for a person to be listened to by Creator.

Ceremony: Ask authorization for projects and give thanks for energy from Creator.

Body parts: veins, nervous system. If this person has health problems it could be due to not
following the Spiritual Law of the Creator. They must do this.

Energy from: beach, mountains, at night from the stars.

Negative: nervous, touchy, impulsive, jealous, overambitious.

16th day is Kame. Death.

Also symbolized by the Great Horned Owl. Kame cuts life. Ruler of death or transformation.
If incarnating for a specific mission, they will go straight to death when the mission is done.
They can visualize cataclysms, foretell time, and communicate with spirits or ancestors.
Kame people are messengers to humanity. Very developed clairvoyants. They are both good and bad.
The Good people have, good energy, and great wisdom.
People of Kame can help people cross over into death.

Ceremony: Ask for protection from death or accidents, or ask to not have mistakes.

Body: physical death

Negative: touchy, violent, stubborn, insistent on doing things they are not necessarily cut out for.

17th day is Kej. Deer.

The 4 directions, 4 corners of the universe, and the 4 elements.
Kej people have to be spiritual guides. They elected to be spiritual guides before incarnating.
They can also be astrologers, diplomats or prefer to occupy key positions.
Kej is astute, intelligent and quick like a deer to solve problems.

Ceremony: for the 4 directions.

8/Kej is a sacred day for all spiritual guides. It is the best day for spiritual guides.

Body parts: can have pain in the arms and legs

Energy from: At sunrise, connect with the 4 directions at mountains or volcanoes.

Negative: too strong, grab and forceful, touchy, may like things "right now, their way".

18th day is Q'anil. Seed.

It is the Ying and Yang and the sperm. Life of nature, procreation.
Female Q'anil people like to have lots of babies and are midwives by nature. Good spiritual guides.

Ceremony: Ask for seed germination, good life, and to protect the ecosystem. Live in harmony with nature.

8/ Q'anil is a special day to bless all kinds of seeds. Also to ask for children using the energies of corn.
Use 4 colors of maize crushed and make a drink to assist with fertility. For difficult cases, have
the man bring a female dog and the female bring a male dog to a strong altar. Use a hummingbird with this spell
to promote fertility.

Body parts: genitals, ovaries, ovum, semen

Energy from: forest, lakes, and highlands.

Negative: proud, loud, no budget

19th day is Toj. Fire.

Ceremony itself. The Sacred Fire. Sometimes symbolized by the Puma or Mountain Lion.
Similar to K'at. Spiritual guides can speak with fire, we can send and receive messages.
Should make ceremony every 20 days. Permission from divine law is necessary. Payment for the fire.
Toj has a special connection with Creator.

Ceremony: To bring spiritual guides, bring balance to life, smooth operation, light and harmony to the home.
Contribute with others.

Body parts: ears, hearing,

Energy from: fire, earth, different mushrooms, beach, and high rocks.

Negative: overambitious, too strong

20th day is T'zi'. Dog.

Guardian of the Mountains. Wolf of the Mountains. Earth. Mother Nature.
Spiritual Law and Material Law. This means that life is governed by law.
A good day for peace and a good day for justice. Seven capital sins.
Great spiritual guides. Special energy to communicate directly with Creator. Spiritual healers.
T'zi' people can correct all problems or influences using any technique.
They are good judges, lawyers, and are correct applicators of Law.
They are dynamic, friendly, just, and strong.

Body parts: brain, instinct or intuition.

Energy from: mountains, beach, walk in nature

Negative: authoratative, short tempered, strong energies.