Artstrology Article: Intro to Artstrology: What Time is it?

What Time Is It ?

It is time for Cleaning.                                 

Time is known to us as different concepts. These are stated as.."time of".."time to"..."the time is ".."time for "..and others.

Time as we most commonly know it is linear, but the concept of time is not all linear. That is why the term "linear" is specifically used on this site when referring to "Linear time".

Linear time states," the time is". It is the way we locate ourselves in a linear time model. It is useful for the purpose of coordination to a specific point or location. The time is 3 o'clock on Saturday, January 17, 2010. The day is 1/ Batz.

When we say, "time of" we are referring to a more general understanding of what is happening around us in a wholistic sense. For example, when we say," It is a time of awakening", we are referring to the masses of humanity coming to a broader realization. This is a recognition of a pattern of events. It is a "time of" great change. It is a "time of" reconciliation. It is a "time of" remembering.

"Time to" is more of a specific directive. This concept of time lets us know what we should be doing.

When we say "Time for", we are directly addressing an outside influence that is creating a conditional response. This is astrology.

It is "time for" bed.

Why ?

Because the sun is going down, that's why. I am able to see into the future and I recognize that if you do not go to bed there will be repercussions tomorrow when we go to the museum. The sun has been rising and setting so regularly for millions of years that we have become entrained by its movements. We need sleep and we do this at nighttime.

Why ?

Well, because we are better at using our eyes in the daylight so that is when we are most active. That's why we are going to the museum during the day, it doesn't open until daytime.

Why ?

Because the people who open the museum are entrained by the sun just like the rest of us. They sleep at nighttime.
Just as most people sleep at nighttime, sotoo, do the oysters open precisely in rythym with the moon. As we move outwardly into the solar system, different rythyms ofdifferent bodies have various tell-tale signs of entrainment. The thing is, it does not stop at the edge of our solar system. We are affected indifferent ways individually by many things outside "our little world" of planets with a Sun.)

But, we were at uncle Bill's house last week and we could see at nighttime. He let us stay up late and play in the yard way past nighttime.

Honey, that's because it was a full moon. That's different, it doesn't happen everyday, just once in a while. It was a treat.

Always there are anomalies. Always time moves forward. Changes are constant and the complexity is enough to boggle the mind of man. This is why the calendars were given to mankind, so that he could be informed without having to fully understand. It is a gift. The calendars exist so that incarnations can have the full benefit of knowledge to facilitate progress toward becoming "Faithful, Loyal, Companions")

So, just because the sun says so, we have to go to bed.

Yes. And before you know it, it will be morning again. We have to plan ahead. We don't want you to be tired during the time at the museum.

But if we wanted to stay up we could. We don't have to do what the sun says.

That's true, but it would not be wise. You do want to be wise don't you ?

Not really, I just want to keep playing video games right now.

Ok, so you get the point.

What has complicated matters for those who study astrology is that some people changed a few important details just enough so the rest of us do not know what it is "time for". Kind of like drawing the shades in your childs bedroom so they will take a nap. This has happened repeatedly in Mans history. Ultimately there is jealousy. There is a breaking away from the understanding that the information is not to be owned by man. The result is people want to take it, change it, then make it theirs. This ownership is directly in contrast to the intended usage. Then , in order to protect their interest, they must hide the actual information. Those who do not want to horde the information must go into hiding and live gingerly as to avoid torture, death, burning and all that kind of nasty business. Know this, " The Calendars do not belong to man. Mankind  did not create them."

Man-made calendars should always be secondary to Divine Calendars.

While this lack of information in the past has affected our ability to have information now, it certainly does not change what it is "time for".

So, it is the morning of a new time.

It is "time to" wake up. It is a "time to" greet the new day.

Because it is a "time of" awakening, we are feeling busy. The ones who are awake make the coffee for the ones who sleep a little longer. We greet them with a smile, hand them a cup of coffee and wait a bit. Soon, the coffee kicks in and they can begin the dialog we have been so impatiently waiting to activate.

Because it is a larger cycle that we are awakening to, there is much that was neglected while we were asleep. It's kind of like the springtime. The snow melts and reveals a yard that sorely needs shrubs or flowers. The warm air begs us to clean the house and throw out the rubbish accumulated over the long winter.

Spring cleaning.

Look out the window. What do you see ? What is happening ?

Everyone is waking up. Of course this strikes fear in the hearts of those responsible for cooking breakfast. Oh My !!! There are so many hungry people who need breakfast. Whatever are we to do with them all ? Hurry !!! Get everything ready !!!! Here they come !!!

And the ones who wanted to keep playing video games ? What is happening ?

Why it's the end of the world. "Their world" we should say. And it is the end of that world. The new world is here. What did you expect them to say ?

When you take the video game away from the child, what is the reaction ? Well, you would think it was the end of the world !!

It is definitely not the end of the world.

It is a "time of" awakening.

It is a "time for" cleaning.

When we clean, everyone has to see what is really there. The forests need cleaning. The oceans need cleaning. EVERYTHING needs cleaning !!

Is there blame ? Of course not. Things get dirty that's all. We were all quite happy to get dirty when that was the "time for" that.

But, now it is no longer that. So we are acting repulsed. GOOD ! Repulsed you should be !

  We are at the end of this.


  We are moving into this.


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